Recycled PET Totes Imprinted

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Gorilla Totes is a Company that Produces High Quality and Stylish Reusable Bags

Gorilla Totes is a company that places a strong emphasis on high quality products that also benefit the environment. From their reusable bags and recycled PET totes imprinted, to all of their products made out of seed paper, you will absolutely find the right promotional tool that is exactly what you are looking for. Every single product in their inventory has a positive impact on the environment. They feel it’s crucial as a company to keep the planet a safe and green place for our future.

As the consumer, you will be able to receive each product at the best possible price because they produce everything in house, allowing them to pass along the savings to you. It’s astonishing to know that you can find a company out there that has the knowledge, know how, resources, and production capabilities to offer you such durable products for such low prices. The world is changing in the fact that people are becoming much more eco conscious. Consumers and businesses alike are making sure they make an effort to clean up the planet through the way they live and conduct business.

Recycled Bags – Gorilla Totes – Seed Paper

Many of their recycled bags are 85% post-consumer recycled plastic. As a result, this means More jobs, less waste. This includes the RE428-C Recycled PET tote bag. It is 160 gm/M2 22 needle stitch material made from 85% post-consumer recyclable plastic. It’s a great option for groceries, shopping malls, and the library. In fact, the possibilities are endless. This one bag replaces two standard sized plastic bags. Call today for pricing on our reusable bags, green bags, and any of our eco friendly bags. We have many sizes and styles to choose from. If you are looking for reusable grocery bags or reusable shopping bags, you have found the right company. In addition to that, we offer high quality custom seed paper as well.