Recyclable Reusable Tote Bags

Recyclable Reusable Tote Bags – Call us for pricing at 888-565-2235. Reusable Bags and green bags are a large part of the green movement. They show that you care about the environment too. In fact, when people use eco friendly bags, they are doing something to show they care about the planet. Furthermore, the United Nations Environment program estimates that there are 46,000 pieces of plastic litter floating in every square mile of ocean. As a result, Approx. 1 million seabirds, sea turtles, whales, and other marine mammals die each year by ingesting discarded plastic bags mistaken for food.

Nearly 80% of litter in the ocean comes from land-based sources. The petroleum based plastics float on the ocean’s surface appearing as feeding grounds. As a result, marine animals die because the plastic eventually fills their stomachs. It doesn’t pass and they literally starve to death. In some parts of the ocean, there are six pounds of plastic for every pound of plankton. The use of eco friendly bags is the best method to avoid this litter of plastic from being discarded in the ocean. Eco friendly bags and reusable bags reduce this pollution. In addition to that, the use of reusable bags prevents this plastic from being discarded into our forests, parks, and roadsides.

Recyclable Grocery Bags

Custom Green Promos | Bag Promos Direct | Gorilla Totes

Custom Green Promos – Eco friendly recyclable bags. 

Bag Promos Direct – Non woven bags. 

Gorilla Totes – Reusable tote bags. 

Gorilla Totes

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